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MPC Building Solutions will take your project from concept to reality. We can fulfill your design & permitting needs, site & utility construction and all phases of residential & commercial building. Please contact us for any questions you may have as well as for our references. We take great pride in providing not only a quality product but also a fun experience!

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Mpc building solutions’s commitment to ‘Responsible Infrastructure’ has stood the test of time, with social commitment and environmental responsibility being an integral business goal.


Outdoor spaces must be just as important as the interior space - regardless of the size or location of the space. The outdoors should always look great as these are the first sings of good design practices. As one of the Best ‘Architects Lucknow India’ and Architectural Design Lucknow’ experts we believe that outdoor lighting too is an important factor. There has to be a commonality of many design factors that balance a good landscape.

Waterproofing Solutions

  • India, known to have a tropical climate, receives ample of rainfall. While this does sound like a great thing, it sometimes leads to problems such as leakage. Leakages from drainage systems and surrounding water bodies form a threat to home’s substructure. The above problem can only be solved if stringent measures are taken beforehand. One of the best means to keep your home safe during such circumstances is by employing waterproofing solutions. While we care for our homes and adorn it with the best, it is essential to look out for and rectify any potential leakages that may hinder the beauty of it in future. MPC Waterproofing Solutions is one of the best ways to prevent potential leaks in your home.

Reasons why waterproofing is suitable for new homeowners:

  • Prevents Frequent Leakages
  • Enhances the Durability of the Structure
  • Minimizes Reoccurring Expenses

Reasons, why waterproofing for existing homeowners is suitable:

  • Prevents hassles of repetitive repairs
  • Puts an end to damaged interiors
  • Avoids health issues arising out of dampness


This is a medium where you can experiment with simple form and volumes, add few parameters of Texture, tweak lighting effects and then balance the vibes of the space to give it a unique definition. ‘Architects Lucknow or interior Disigners India’ is not just a phrase but a creative responsibility, to convert shapes and themes, to a perfect geometry. Architecture has a deep meaning. It revolves around three mantras – Planning, Designing and Execution. It is the last parameter which reflects the real achievement quotient. For example, is the newly designed space fulfilling the technical, social, environmental, aesthetical metrics? And lastly, is this area functional in the true sense? If all these considerations have been taken care of, then it is a perfect homage to architecture. MPC Building solutions, one of the Best Architectural firms Lucknow India.

Interior Design & Modular Kitchen

Interior designing is not just about good looks, it is about how the spaces extend themselves from within because of intelligent planning. ‘Best Architects India’ resonates with this principle. The norm of designing is really simple; function first, and then the beauty.

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We are specialized manufacturer of Home Interior Designs & Modular kitchen located in Matiyari Chauraha, Lucknow. We offer Stylish, Customized, Latest Interior Designs within your budget and with the most of the available space.

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We develop and build for a sustainable future with the ultimate goal of improving our society and people’s lives. Thanks to this dedication, we are involved in some of the most interesting projects of our time. You can find a selection of our projects by category or look for them in the search field.

Saurabh Yadav


He holds a Master’s Degree in Engineering (Civil) from Malaviya National Institute of Technology, Jaipur and a Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering (Civil) from the Madan Mohan Malaviya University of Technology, Gorakhpur

Manish Jaiswal


He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering(Civil)

He has over 7 years of industry experience spanning several organisations in the construction sector.

Our Expert Team

With creative and expert insights from all our Team leaders, our firm ensures that every project undertaken is executed in the most graceful manner. Efficient site teams always back our associates and the site execution is handled under the constant personal guidance

We aim at creating edifices that last and establish ourselves as one of the Best Design firms in the business.

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